Twin Birch #12

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  • Varied limited edition of 15 prints.
  • Each print is signed and numbered.
  • This listing is for print #12 of 15 V.E.
  • Each print is one of a kind and has a unique colourful background
  • The image is 23 cm x 30.5cm (9 inches h x 12 inches w)
  • Presented in a plastic sleeve with a board backing
  • includes information on my printing process
  • Prints are shipped out in a protective envelope to ensure they reach you safely


This image was scratched directly into a copper plate using an Etching needle. The plate was then inked, the excess ink wiped away, and paste was applied to the hand-painted paper pieces that make up the background. The hand-painted paper pieces were cut to exactly fit the plate around the image and aligned carefully onto the inked plate. The plate and paper were then put through the etching press together. The remaining ink in the grooves of the image is what printed onto the hand-painted paper when it was put through the etching press and the hand-painted paper adheres to the printmaking paper due to the paste. This technique created the colourful backgrounds for each print in the edition of 15. All prints in this edition are unique due to the variety of hand-painted backgrounds - they are numbered 1/15 V.E.  to 15/15 V.E. (Varied Edition). It is printed with black oil-based ink on Stonehenge Archival Printmaking Paper.