Deep Forest

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This original mezzotint print of Northern Ontario is based on a forest that I love. It is a study of light deep along a forest trail. I love the Canadian landscape and I hope you do too! These make perfect, affordable gifts for any art lovers in your life!

The surface of this zinc plate was levigated using carborundum to make the entire surface rough so that it would catch the ink and print solid black. The image was then created by burnishing different areas of the surface of the plate with with special tools to smooth out areas of the rough surface and create the light areas of the image. The smooth areas do not catch any ink. The plate was then inked, the excess ink wiped away, and the remaining ink in the rough areas of the image is what printed onto the paper when it was put through an etching press. It is printed with black oil-based ink on Stonehenge Archival Printmaking Paper.

This is a limited edition of 10 prints. Each print is signed and numbered.

This listing is for the unframed print.

The image is 10cm x 50cm (4 inches h x 6 inches w)

These prints are presented in a plastic sleeve with a board backing. A small write up on my printing process is also included. Prints are shipped out in a protective envelope to ensure they reach you safely.